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Gluten free & VeganGÂTEAU DE RIZ Opening hours:10:30 ~ 19:00 Closed:Every Tuesday and 3rd Wednesday Rice Flour Sweets Original  Coconut Rice Flour Cookies ¥389 (¥420 tax included) Cocoa  Coconut Rice Flour Cookies ¥417 (¥450 tax included) Our crispy and airy cookies with coconut aroma are vegan and gluten-free. Made with carefully selected healthy ingredients. The cute cube shape makes it a perfect gift. Common ingredients: rice flour (produced in Japan), organic coconut oil, organic coconut fine, beet sugar, rice bran oil (produced in Japan), natural salt. For the cocoa flavor: organic cocoa and soy milk. Sable of Rice Flour Original ...

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test -oimo

The Sweet Potato ShopOIMO NO KIMOCHI Opening hours:10:30 ~ 19:00 Closed:Every Tuesday and 3rd Wednesday   Sweet Potato Kenpi  ¥500 (¥540 tax included) Crispy fried strips of Japanese sweet potatoes are candiedwithout using white sugar. Freshly fried every day with selected additive-free japanese rice bran oil. Sweet Potato Chips (Salt & Butter) ¥537 (¥580 tax included) Simple, but once you eat these crispy chips, you can't stop. Only sweet potatoes, rice bran oil, beet sugar, butter and salt are used. No additives.   The dishes with this mark are meat,fish, eggs and dairy-free.   Click here to order!     ...

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test - Healthy Deli & Bento

Healthy Deli &BentoOHMIYA Opening hours:10:30 ~ 19:00 Closed:Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday     Daily Bento Box ¥1,186 each (¥1,280 before tax) Main dish  +3 Side dishes + Brown Rice. Choose between  vegetarian and non vegetarian. From 10:30 to 15:00, you can add Miso Soup for an additional 100 yen! 【¥1,278 each (¥1,380 tax included)】 Vegetarian Miso Soup of the day (¥320) is included with the Daily Bento Box. Vegetarian Bento Box 100% plant-based, but satisfying and enjoyable! The broth of miso soup is made with kelp and dried shiitake mushroom. It's kind of soothing. Bento Box (Non-Vegetarian) A healthy ...

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test TEC

  Brown Rice Sushi TEC Opening hours:11:30 ~ 19:00 Closed:Every Tuesday and 3rd Wednesday     Daily Combo Miso soup of the day is included with Daily Combo! ※All our food is 100% plant-based! Every menu is meat, fish, eggs  and dairy-free.  Maki-Sushi Combo ¥1,149 (¥1,240 tax included) ・8pcs assorted sushi rolls of the day ・Miso soup of the day Salad & Maki-Sushi Combo ¥1,325 (¥1,430 tax included) ・TEC's Special Salad ・4pcs assorted Sushi rolls of the day ・Daikon radish and ginger dressing ・Miso soup of the day Click here to order!     Brown Rice Maki-Sushi (Sushi Roll) Great ...

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test goka

  Yakuzen Spice CurryGOKA Opening hours:10:30 ~ 17:00 Closed:Every Tuesday and 3rd Wednesday     Yakuzen Curry Just a little oil  /  Gluten-Free  /  Dairy-Free White Sugar-Free  /  No chemical seasoning or additives Authentic Yakuzen Chicken Curry with Rice ¥1,371 (¥1,480 tax included)  /  Large+¥400 (tax included) A healthy organic chicken with a broth of carefully selected over 20 spices and 4 herbal medicines creates perfect harmony.Curry Roux 1 serving     ¥1,065  (¥1,150 tax included) 2 servings  ¥2,130  (¥2,300 tax included) 3 servings  ¥3,195  (¥3,450 tax included)   Authentic Yakuzen Bean Veggie Curry with Rice ¥1,278 (¥1,380 tax included) / Large+¥400  ...

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